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French Doors - Composite Double Doors

georgian french doorsFrench Doors are available in a variety of designs and materials. Over the last number of decades uPVC has been the peoples choice, as there was no conduction through the frames hence the condensation factor was reduced in most cases completely.

Initially White was the most popular colour for french doors, and in fact today it is still the highest seller and probably because of these difficult finacial times it will remain so.  Currently in the French Doors range you have the option selecting Oak, Mahogany, Rosewood, Blue, Red and all of these can be selected with the option of having white on the inside.

The entire range is focused on reducing your energy costs, enhancing your home and adding to the security of the room. The system used to manufacture the french doors allows for internal glazing, which means that the glass can only be removed from the inside, and the glazing is toughened and for added security can be laminated.  The locking system used is the renowned anti-lift hook bolt lock which has been used by our company for many years.

Why Incorporate French Doors (Traditional, Georgian, or PVC) into Your Home?




Adding a welcoming touch of grace and sophistication to any room or entryway, Composite French doors are appropriate for use as exterior or interior doors. They profrench doorsvide quite a number of benefits including both artistic and practical advantages and are available in a variety of traditional and contemporary designs.


Rooms that are naturally lit have become quite popular for aesthetic as well as practical reasons. French doors brighten a room with an enhanced distribution of light. Not only will your rooms seem larger, but they will also appear to be warmer and friendlier.


Composite French doors often enhance the size of a room, making it appear larger than it actually is. Since the glass panes (single panes are referred to as lites) extend the full length of the frame, they offer you a perfect view of the outside world when the curtains are fully open, bringing in the sunshine.


French doors offer the highest level of durability, while retaining the benefits of traditional styles. They require minimum maintenance since they don’t warp, rot, or need to be painted, allowing for an easy cleaning regimen. They typically feature a tilt option that allows you to access ventilation at the top of the door. Light rain does not get through, but heavy rain may require you to close the opening to avoid the rain getting in.


French doors are easily matched to window designs or the décor of your home. Not only are they manufactured in solid white, but they are also available in a wide selection of wood-colored hues. Non-corrosive in nature, PVC French doors are excellent for use on beachfront properties as well as city or country homes.


Composite Georgian French doors feature internal glazing bars that incorporate a cross in their design, creating a gorgeous pattern of individual panels of glass forming a magnificent display. Providing a visual grace that adds a welcoming touch of sophistication to any area of the home, Georgian French doors can brighten any room, even the dullest.


French doors offer excellent thermal insulation with fitted storm seals, eliminating cold drafts as well as a multi-point locking system that keeps your home secure. An additional benefit of installing French doors in your home is the simple fact that since both doors open fully, you widen the access area into a room or entryway of the home when needed.




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