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Composite Doors - Palladio Composite Doors

Composite Doors are today considered one of the most endurable and secure doors in Ireland at the moment.. When choosing the glazing options for your new composite doors, you have to consider privacy. You have a great choice of triple glazed units to select from square designs, half moon designs, beveled glass designs with one of the three pieces of glass which make up the unit from the obscure range. With the ever changing face of technology, it was only a matter of time before a door was invented to follow on from the timber and the uPVC range of doors that has served the market for decades.

Over the last number of years, the doors have been introduced, to the home improvement industry and also the new-build sector and have been received with enthusiasm and delight. The door which is available in various colours and styles comes in a thickness, of 70mm and in the main are constructed from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skins, which is known not to fade as was the case with uPVC skins. They can be sprayed at any time later should you require a different colour and are extremely resistant to age and other related elements.Your representative will advise you on the selection available and assist you with any information you may need to make an informed decision.

Composite Doors with Sidelites

A door requiring side windows because of extra width gives you lots of options in terms of design and glazing. The side windows can be fully glazed or the can have a similar designed panel to the door inserted. If its fully glazed this will of course be toughened or laminated as per current regulations.

A very popular current option to gain more space in you hall is to remove the existing door, extend the hall, and site the new door further forward. This will require a little extra plastering and should only be given to a competent company to complete as it may also require the extension of electrical cables and new regulation steps. Remember its the one area of your home that gets constant use, and it is worth spending a few extra euros and have it done right.

The Sunbeam Door is available as a Single Door or can be centered between two side-lites as seen in the pictures above. As these doors are custom made, there are many configurations available to the homeowner in terms of design, glazing and colour options. Composite doors have become increasingly popular in recent years, due to a variety of reasons.

A composite door is a single leaf door that is made from several different materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, or glass reinforced plastic. Usually, it is filled with high density foam, though some have solid wood cores. Front doors are the most common, but there are also back doors and room doors that are crafted from composite materials.

Composite Door Benefits

There are a number of advantages that composite doors offer over regular wooden doors. One of the biggest selling points is that they withstand the elements much better than traditional wood doors, which tend to rot over time from inclement weather. Also, regular doors will often become warped after several years due to moisture and extreme temperatures.
This causes them to lose their fit, allowing cold drafts to enter the house and raising heating costs. This is not the case with composite doors, which maintain their shape and fit very well over time, ensuring better insulation and increased energy efficiency.
Wood doors are also susceptible to termite invasions. Composite doors, on the other hand, are termite resistant, durable, and usually rust-free.

Another benefit is that composite doors are better for the environment; many wooden doors are made from trees chopped down in tropical rain forests, which are dwindling due to the demand. In addition, it can be fairly easy to break down a wooden door, while composite doors tend to be stronger and more secure.

Affordable Composite Doors from €1599.00

Composite doors also tend to be quite affordable, often considerably less than traditional wooden doors because they use less expensive materials. And the maintenance costs are low. Of course, like any other product, the price will depend on the quality and desirability of the particular door you choose.

Composite doors are available in all colors and styles, including some designs that closely mimic wooden doors in appearance. Many composites also contain glass sections, which can push up the price depending on how ornate they are. There are many companies that offer composite doors online. It is easy to pick out a door that suits you from the website, but some people may prefer to book a visit from our well trained agents.

Thanks to their growing popularity, many home furnishing stores in Ireland and England now offer a selection of composite doors. Oak is becoming one of our biggest sellers, especially with new-build, and can be compliment by our aluclad windows or upvc windows from Weatherglaze Designs. there are maximum and minimum sizes that these doors are manufactured to, and if you adhere to these manufacturing guidelines you will have a secure and problem free composite door.

Bevelled glass designs are available for your side-lite and also for glazing options in the glass area of the door panel as can be seen in the pictures throughout this composite door site. The door can be further enhanced by selecting from a choice of door furniture such as letterbox, handles and knockers in either black, chrome or gold, All composite doors, are suitable for replacement or new-build and are available in the following colours, White, Cream, Red, Blue, Green, Black and Light Oak. The door slab sizes are a minimum of 782 x 1820 mm and a maximum of 910 X 2095mm.

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